About US

NT Tile & Stone LLC is a Company where we proudly represent High Quality Stone & Clay Roof Tile Factories from Mexico and Europe.

Angel Ramirez, President

Angel is originally from Mexico. A resident of San Antonio for more than 25 years, Ramirez is a graduate of St Mary’s University and has been working in the construction industry since 1989. Because of the BA that he earned in International Business, he is now able to provide his Bicultural and International Business Experience to his Customers, allowing them to make the best interior and exterior selections for their home.

Jerry Robles, Partner

Jerry is originally from Texas. He has been living and working in San Antonio for more than 10 years. A 10 year veteran to the stone industry has allowed Jerry to be well known in the Construction and Stone Industry where he has personally established great relationship with many of San Antonio’s finest Architects, Designers and Builders. Jerry has been known to personally help them with takeoffs and selections for their home-sites; and makes the turnkey process efficient, pleasant and hassle-free.

NT Tile & Stone

Is dedicated to bringing the beauty & versatility of natural-made products such as Flooring, Bathroom Tiles, Backsplashes, Columns, Mantels, Kitchen Hoods & El Clay Roof Tiles; Direct to Architects, Builders, Designers and Installers throughout the country. We have participated in many Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects, and we are constantly striving to bring our customers the finest natural products in the world, with the best quality and prices. Our customers can feel confident that at NT Tile & Stone they are Selecting High Quality Products for their home and that we will help them make the best decisions during their construction process.